Physiotherapy treats a broad range of health conditions from injury to chronic health conditions.

Your initial visit with us will begin with a thorough evaluation and assessment.

Based on your needs a treatment plan will be devised which will enable you to move towards your goals and return to your chosen activities.


Who would benefit from physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial to anyone looking to recover from a range of conditions.

Sports injury

Our qualified Physiotherapists have first-hand experience aiding the effective recovery from sports injuries from soccer to power lifting and everything in between.

Chronic pain

We understand that long-standing pain can be a daily frustration that keeps you from living your life to its full and achieving your goals. Our empathetic Physiotherapists will listen to you and help uncover the underlying issue and devise a recovery program to ease 
your pain.

Pre- and post-operative rehabilitation

Supporting your surgery with physiotherapy can be important for your recovery. We can devise pre-operative strengthening programs or tailored post-operative rehabilitative programs to support your needs. We have a close affiliation with a network of surgeons meaning our Physiotherapists have experience working with an array of procedures from shoulder reconstructions and knee replacements to complex surgeries resulting from trauma or acute injuries.

Second opinion

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your current treatment program, our Physiotherapists can provide you with a second opinion and optimise your recovery so that you can be sure you are doing everything to recover and reach your goals.

Workers compensation and motor vehicle accident

If you’ve sustained an injury at work or have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, our Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge and can set you up with a treatment management program to make sure you can heal and return to normal life.

Enhanced Primary Care and Department of Veteran Affairs

We do not charge a gap if you have an EPC or DVA program and will maintain contact with your treating Doctor during the course of your treatment.

*please note EPC consults with Simon Trinca are no longer bulk billed

Physiotherapy treatments

Your treatment plan may utilise a range of treatments.

  • Therapeutic & real-time ultrasound
  • Various soft tissue treatments including massage, myofascial trigger points, myofascial sports cupping and dry needling.
  • Taping techniques using rigid sports tape and dynamic tape
  • Manual therapy including mobilisations, manipulation, mulligan’s treatment and manual stretching
  • Exercise therapy including home exercises with small home equipment, exercises within the Exercise Physiology gym, Pilates Studio or with the Alter-G treadmill®
  • VALD Force Deck assessments and testing.

Why choose Forte Physiotherapy?

Vast referral network for rapid assessment + faster recovery
Onsite gym + equipment for your convenience
Private treatment rooms for your comfort + privacy
Innovative therapies including Alter-G treadmill®
Access to a range multidisciplinary professionals including a Dietician + Exercise Physiologists
Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Member
Simple 3-step process: 30 minute consultation, treatment plan and recovery