Simon Trinca

Director / Principal Practitioner BSc Sports Science Double Major Human Biology, BSc Physiotherapy

Simon Trinca is the director of Forte Physiotherapy PTY LTD and an active clinician within the clinic. Simon’s career in allied health began in 2004 completing Sport Science with a double major in Human Biology. Simon’s experience in the exercise sector secured him an active role in providing individualized training programs, biomechanical drills and skill development to professional soccer players. In 2005 Simon commenced his BSc Physiotherapy at The University of Queensland, learning many new skills from some of the world leaders in physiotherapy research.

Simon completed his degree in Perth at The University of Notre Dame and begun progressing his work with professional athletes. Simon’s combined expertise allows for diagnostic proficiency and advanced development of injury management pathways for return to sport/work. Simon’s experience includes; musculoskeletal injury management, post orthopaedics and rehabilitative care. In addition, Simon’s experience in ergonomic and pre-work screening assessments provides corporate industries with invaluable information regarding a potential employee’s suitability for job suitability/placement.

Simon’s clinical approach to each client ensures that the individual is thoroughly assessed and a clear pathway to restoration is established. With a list of professional connections developed over his career thus far, access to information and resources is not limited. Simon has a personal interest in all facets of sport, particularly Soccer. It is his goal, to combine his knowledge of sports science, physiotherapy and soccer experience to lead a squad of athletes at a professional level.

Simon’s vision is to offer a practice which is devoted to improving clients’ health and wellbeing with the highest caliber of therapists. His vision at Forte Physiotherapy has been building over 9 years to now where we currently offer a practice that an injured person can access all aspects of injury management, including; Access to Allied Health staff, access to gym equipment, Clinical Pilates and specialised rehabilitation equipment such as the Alter-G and Gameready machine, all on-site along with the comfort of individual treatment rooms.