Clinical Pilates is form of physical exercise that focuses on your posture and core stability while working on balance, strength, flexibility and importantly, your breathing.


Who benefits from Pilates?

Clinical Pilates can work with physiotherapy to treat a variety of injuries, as well as promote your overall health and wellbeing.

Our aim is to refine and restore your body to its most neutral and tension-free posture through mindful movement.

By correcting the imbalances that our bodies endure from everyday activities, your body will begin to move with a sense of fluidity, improved dynamic strength and a refined quality of movement.

Pilates facilities

We have a state of the art STOTT® Pilates Studio with the following facilities to support your recovery journey or health goals.


Rehab V2 Max reformer

A reformer that is specifically designed with the client’s comfort in mind. The adjustable height allows ease of movement on and off the equipment making it idea for post-operative and older clients.

Cadillac/Trapeze Table

Designed for clients in acute pain or with restricted range of movement, the Cadillac/ Trapeze table is one of our most adaptable pieces of equipment to ensure the client works within their limits, from our most acute rehabilitation clients to elite athletes.

Ladder Barrel

Designed for serious core conditioning along with improved flexibility and mobility for intermediate and advanced clients.

Spine Corrector

Essential studio equipment designed for lengthening and strengthening the torso, shoulders, back and legs while restoring the neutral curvature of the spine.

Split Pedal Stability Chair

Great for lower limb rehabilitation with a focus on lumbar and pelvic stability in functional positions. This versatile piece of equipment is fabulous for clients who suffer from pain in seated positions.

Spine Supporter

Helps to reduce neck tension whilst adding support and stability to the pelvis whether on the Mat, Cadillac/Trapeze Table or even the Reformer. A great addition in the studio especially for pregnant Pilate’s clients.


Session options

We offer private and small group sessions, with exercises tailored to your needs regardless of the class you attend.

Pilates initial assessment

This one hour in-depth assessment allows your instructor to assess your posture type and biomechanical functional adaptations and dysfunction. Within the session the instructor will also complete a non-invasive Real-Time Ultrasound assessment of the pelvic floor and deep abdominals to ensure appropriate activation required for Pilates-based exercise. We require a semi-full bladder on initial assessment to ensure visualisation of the pelvic floor.

Private 1:1 session

During this one-hour session you will undergo a series of individualised exercises tailored to your body, taking into consideration your postural-, rehabilitative- and function-specific needs.

Semi-private 1:2 session

This is a one-hour session where you and one other client share our studio space, undertaking a tailored exercise program to suit your body’s needs and specific rehabilitation goals.

Semi-private 1:3 session

This is a one-hour session for a maximum of three advanced clients are able to complete exercises with relative independence. We continue to provide exercises tailored to your needs.

Why choose Forte Physiotherapy?

Your Pilates exercise program will be tailored to you and will progress according to your level of pain and development.

Qualified Pilates Instructor for expert guidance
Onsite gym + equipment for your convenience
Option for private or semi-private sessions for your preference
STOTT® Pilates Studio with state of the art equipment
Access to multidisciplinary professionals including a Dietician + Exercise Physiologists
Comprehensive initial assessment + tailored exercise program