Jess Valvasori

Exercise Physiologist

Jess is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, having graduated from UWA in 2013 with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science and a Graduate Diploma of Exercise Rehabilitation. With a background in elite sports participation and developing the athlete mindset, Jess is passionate about the psychology of coaching and applying the practises she learnt in high performance sports to motivating and empowering her clients through their movement practise.

Jess LOVES STRENGTH and is currently studying her Masters in Strength and Conditioning. She believes a regular strength practise is essential to an optimal life and she enjoys sharing strength training with athletes, women and the ageing community. Jess understands that strength is a skill and takes confidence and time to learn and she finds joy in coaching her clients through this process.


Strength can also be pure fun and makes the rest of life a playground. So why not jump in!


Having been in the exercise and health industry since 2007, Jess has a sound knowledge in exercise prescription, individualised programming and injury rehabilitation to optimise long-term health outcomes. As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, she also specialises in exercise therapy for chronic health and musculoskeletal conditions.


In her downtime, Jess plays WAFLW and surfs, skates and plays guitar like a perpetual amateur.

To get in contact with Jess email or follow the link to book an appointment