• Jan 06, 2021

    Tips for Travelling with Back Pain

    The thought of travelling for anyone with back pain can be daunting. Cramped, tight uncomfortable seating for an extended period of time can easily aggravate pain. Here are some time to minimise discomfort.

    Bring Support

    To compensate for the lack of seating support for your back, bring a lumbar support pillow for your lower back. If you forget, use a jacket or blanket rolled up to support the inward curve of your spine.


    Pack light and avoid strain when lifting. Use a suitcase with wheels and a long handle to roll it. Rather than one large suitcase that you may need to manhandle down stairs or in and out of vehicles, pack smaller bags. When lifting, bend at the knees and use your legs rather than your back, avoid twisting with your back, user smaller bags and carry the weight evenly on each side of the body.

    Foot Support

    As with working at a desk, ensure your feet are placed on a firm surface whilst sitting. Make sure your posture is correct, aligning your back against your seat and avoid hunching over.

    Move Around

    On a long trip make sure you get up and move around frequently (at least every 30 minutes if possible). Movement helps blood flow and can stop the back from stiffening up. Do some stretches for your thighs, hamstrings and hips.

    Pain Relief

    Cold and heat packs are fast, effective ways to get relief.

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